Writing Beyond Disruption


We moved today.  The English Dept. swapped buildings and moved into a new, shiny, creativity-inducing workspace.


I’ve already done a post on where we work and how we work, but what about disruptions in our lives and writing lives?  Even positive events, such as the births of babies, can definitely throw us for loops and disrupt the patterns and schedules we’ve set up.


First, how do you deal with those disruptions?  Do you eschew writing altogether for that more important event?  Do you try to write through it, even if the writing is rough, engaging your emotions and intellect in order to deal with the event more smoothly?  Do you keep to your established process and rhythm, using that as a mainstay in the craziness surrounding you?


I’d say that most people are most likely to do A, some are likely to do B, and few are likely to do C.  What’s the “right” response, though?  


It all depends on your goals.  If your goal is to write a novel or screenplay by the end of the year, then you’d better not let anything interrupt you.  If your goal is more flexible and your priorities shift to, say, the needs of family, then you might take a break, do some journaling, and pick up the big project when the stress dies down.  Who knows–what you’re going through might become fodder for the next project.


Naturally, there’s no one right or wrong answer.  One thing I do suggest, though, is to avoid writing about a big event too soon.  Journaling to keep track of events and how you feel is great in the moment, but then put it away to reflect upon later, no matter what genre you’re writing.


What are your thoughts on getting back to work after a disruption or distraction?  


To divulge our moving-while-working process, we packed up yesterday afternoon, unpacked today, and hopped right back up to our monitors and keyboards for some more teaching fun!





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Em-dash Lady enjoys creative writing most of all, but her interests include art forms from music to writing to visual art to indie films and so forth. She's especially interested in how the art forms influence each other and blend together. She's a creative writing teacher and writer who mostly writes memoir and poetry about her favorite activity, watching TV. I would say I'm kidding, but I'm not. Naps are also her favorite. Too many favorites to count! Enjoy following Em-dash Lady as she figures out how she fits in the ever-evolving world of art.
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