More book recs from external sites

In addition to the books from my most recent post, I’ve gathered some great recommendations from NPR, The New York Times, and

NPR has two recent posts on recommended books to check out:

“What Sticks: Five Books That Stay With You”


“From Tiny to Tome, the Best Gift Books of 2011”

Next, don’t forget about the New York Times!  They’ve already posted their top ten books of 2011.  From all of these lists, The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach appears to be quite a hit.

Last, every year The Morning News hosts the Tournament of Books, pitting two books against each other at a time to come up with an overall winner, each set judged by different authors and indie celebrities (such as Colin Malloy from the band The Decemberists).

This is a link to last year’s competition from April, and you can look forward to some great recommendations (and non-recommendations) this spring, too.  You can even offer your own book recommendations for the tournament now!

The Morning News’ Tournament of Books!

This site also features a great article on the front page: “Now that Books Mean Nothing” by Nell Boeschenstein.  Just click one of the links above.

Happy reading and gift-giving!




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